The Silver Ring Thing ~ Sunday, October 19

The Silver Ring Thing will be in Jamestown, NY at the Willow Bay Theater on Sunday, October 19 at 6:00pm. The Silver Ring Thing is a faith-based teen abstinence program that really works. Their mission is to motivate, educate, support and transform generations of young people to embrace a lifestyle of Christ-centered sexual abstinence until marriage. This live event is presented by a high-energy group of talented young people from around the country who possess an exceptional ability to relate to middle school and high school students. A separate parent session will also be held at 6:00pm to address the key issues facing students and to help equip parents to support and encourage their student’s abstinence decision. Admission is $6 onine, $8 at the door, and $5 oniine for groups of 25 or more. Contact Pastor Keith Barreto for more information.

Call to Men

Exodus 34:23 says, “Three times a year all your men are to appear before the Sovereign Lord, the God of Israel.” At Praise Fellowship we want to heed this call. On Saturday, September 27, at 8:00 am, we are asking our men to gather and appear before the Lord. We will have a great morning together with a time of worship and an encouraging message from Edgar Morales, missionary to Mexico.

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