Dream Culture Conference

We are hosting Andy Mason from Bethel Church in Redding, CA for a Dream Culture Conference September 5-7. The conference will being Friday evening at 7:00pm, and then continue Saturday from 9:00am - 2:00pm with an evening gathering at 7:00pm. Andy will speak Sunday morning in Russell and Sunday evening in Jamestown. Andy and his wife, Janine, helped develop and now lead the Dream Coaching Program at Bethel Church where Bill Johnson is pastor. This has spread into programs and classes in Bethel Christian School and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. They have also helped develop Dream Cultures in other churches, businesses and a Community Center. Their dream is to create a Global Dream Culture where people everywhere join together in community to help one another succeed in life—life as God made us to live it.

Paul Young at PF Sunday, September 14

On Sunday, September 14, New York Times Best-Selling Author William Paul Young, author of "The Shack,"will be the guest speaker at both our Russell and Jamestown services. Young will share his thoughts and incredible story about how he has managed to weave his art and faith together while “accidentally” impacting millions of people around the world with a $200 marketing budget.

"The Shack" has been a publishing phenomenon. He started our writing primarily as a way to create unique gifts for his friends, until his wife repeatedly urged him to write something for their six children in order to put down in one place his perspectives on God and the inner healing he had experienced as an adult. The resulting manuscript that later became "The Shack" was intended for only his kids and a handful of close friends. Its tale of Mack losing his daughter Missy and meeting God to discover an answer to suffering has been hailed by many as life-changing.

Join us Sunday morning at 10:00am in Russell and 7:00pm in Jamestown.

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