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About Praise Fellowship

At Praise Fellowship we often say we are a Real Life Church.  What does that mean?  It is simply recognizing that Jesus is essential and relevant for every area of life.  He is not just for some spiritual experience.  No, he is to be experienced in every thing we do, everyday of our lives.  He is not only of value for Eternal Life, but he desires to walk with us as we walk with Him every day of our lives.

We are a Spirit Filled, Charismatic, Evangelical non-denominational church.

We are not affiliated with any particular denomination, but we are part of Elim Fellowship’s Network of Affiliated Churches.

We embrace all the gifts of the Holy Spirit but do not over emphasize any one of them.

We desire to continue to follow the move of the Spirit as He works in the world today.

We are committed to providing a place for the “unchurched” to be able to meet Jesus.

We are multi-generational and believe that each member, regardless of age is vital.

Our assets are "owned" by the congregation and "administered" by the Staff, Elders & Deacons.


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